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UCLA Must End Harrassment and Bullying of Jewish Students

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a university-funded student organization that harasses Jews, an ethnic minority on campus!

By Susan Tuchman

In an attempt to target, harass and intimidate pro-Israel Jewish students at UCLA, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) recently demanded that candidates for student government positions sign a statement pledging they will not go on any trip to Israel sponsored by three Jewish organizations.

Notably, SJP has targeted only Israel and three Jewish organizations that sponsor trips to Israel. Not a single church or mosque that pays for or sponsors Israel trips was singled out.

Since the student government rejected SJP’s divestment resolution, members of SJP have engaged in what a UCLA student leader has described in the UCLA newspaper as “hate speech against the Jewish community” and a campaign of “cyberbullying toward both the Jewish community and council members that voted against the resolution.”

Students who opposed the anti-Israel divestment resolution reported feeling uncomfortable even walking on campus because of the hate mail they received. This is outrageous. Students must feel safe on campus.

First, the UCLA leadership should publicly condemn the SJP by name and strongly denounce the group’s effort to delegitimatize educational trips to Israel by some organizations but not others, so that pro-Israel Jewish students will be excluded from the student government and a pro-Israel viewpoint will be eliminated from discussions.

Second, UCLA should severely sanction the SJP for violating UCLA’s rules against harassment and discrimination. The sanction should include a requirement that the SJP publicly apologize to fellow students, particularly pro-Israel Jewish students, for targeting, disrespecting and hurting them.

Anti-Jewish harassment, intimidation and bullying are the hallmark of SJP. This group needs to finally get the message that their misconduct will no longer be tolerated, and there will be tangible consequences when they violate university rules and harm fellow students.

When SJP at Northeastern University slipped mock eviction notices under hundreds of dorm rooms earlier this spring, the group was immediately suspended.

The UC Board of Regents, President Napolitano and Chancellor Block must likewise act swiftly and decisively to show the entire UC community that student freedom, safety and well-being are their number one priority.

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Turkey’s High-Risk Power Play

Turkey is a member of Nato yet it supports terrorists!

By Caroline Glick

For most Westerners, Turkey is a hard nut to crack. How can you understand a state sponsor of terrorism that is also a member of NATO? How can you explain Turkey’s facilitation of Kurdish independence in Iraq in light of Turkey’s hundred-year opposition to Kurdish independence?

Last week an Israeli security official told the media that the abduction of Naftali Frankel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah was organized and directed by Saleh al-Arouri, a Hamas commander operating out of Turkey.

Turkey has welcomed Hamas to its territory and served as its chief booster to the West since the jihadist terror group won the Palestinian legislative elections in 2006. Erdogan has played a key role in getting the EU to view Hamas as a legitimate actor, despite its avowedly genocidal goals.

Turkey has been the largest supporter and enabler of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).
Erdogan’s government has allowed ISIS fighters to train in Turkey and cross the border between Turkey and Syria at will to participate in the fighting. Moreover, according to Pipes, Turkey “provided the bulk of ISIS’s funds, logistics, training and arms.”

To date, most Western analyses of the Erdogan regime’s behavior have come up short because their authors ignore its strategic goal. In this failing, analyses of Turkey are similar to those of its Shi’ite counterpart in Iran. And both regimes’ goals are wished away for the same reason: Western observers can’t identify with them.

Iran is not a status quo power. It is a revolutionary power. Iran’s goal is not regional hegemony per se, but global supremacy. As Lee Smith recently noted, two decades before al-Qaida and its goal of establishing a global Islamic caliphate burst onto the scene, Ayatollah Khomeini had already made the Islamic division of the world into the House of Islam and the House of War the basis for Iran’s foreign policy. He viewed his Shi’ite theocracy as the rightful leader of the Islamic empire that would destroy all non-believers and their civilization.

As Iran expert Michael Ledeen wrote last week, to defeat the US in Iraq, “the Iranian regime provoked all manner of violence, from tribal to ethnic, because they believed they were better able to operate in chaos.”

Spelling out his goal in a speech in the spring of 2012, Erdogan described Turkey’s mission thus: “On the historic march of our holy nation, the AK Party signals the birth of a global power and the mission for a new world order. This is the centenary of our exit from the Middle East [following the Ottoman defeat in World War I]. Whatever we lost between 1911 and 1923, whatever lands we withdrew from, from 2011 to 2023 we shall once again meet our brothers in those lands.”

To achieve this goal, like Iran, Turkey seeks to destabilize states and reduce peoples to their ethnic, sub-national identities. The notion is that by dividing societies into their component parts, the various groups will all be weaker than one unified state, and all of them will feel threatened by one another and in need of outside support.

By fragmenting Turkish society into long-forgotten component parts while uniting it under radical Islam, he wishes to unite the country under his Sultanate rule while dividing its various factions against one another to maintain support for the regime over the long haul.

A large part of repressing the Kurds at home involves denying them outside assistance. By acting like Iraqi Kurdistan’s best friend, Erdogan hopes to attenuate their support for Turkish Kurds.

But while their chaos strategy is brilliant in its way, it is also high risk. By its very nature, chaos is hard, if not impossible to control. Situations often get out of hand. Plans backfire.

And what we are seeing today in Syria and Iraq and the wider region demonstrates the chaos strategy’s drawbacks.

As Pinchas Inbari detailed in a recent report for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the Syrian civil war is causing millions of Syrians to leave the country and their migrations are changing the face of many countries.

For instance, their arrival in Lebanon has transformed the multiethnic state into one with a preponderant Sunni majority, thus watering down Hezbollah’s support base.

As for ISIS, it is scoring victories in Iraq today. But its forces are vastly outnumbered by the Baathists and the Sunni tribesmen that defeated al Qaida in 2006. There is no reason to assume that these disparate groups won’t get tired of their new medieval rulers.

Many commentators claimed that Erdogan’s recent foreign policy setbacks in the Arab world convinced him to abandon neo-Ottomanism in favor of more modest goals. But his cultivation of Iraqi Kurdistan, and his sponsorship of ISIS, al-Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas tell a different story.

Erdogan remains an Islamic imperialist. Like Iran he aims to destroy the global order and replace it with an Islamic empire. But like Iran, if his adversaries get wise to what he is doing, it won’t be very difficult to beat him at his own game by using his successes to defeat him.

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Israeli Settlements Are Not Illegal

There are no “occupied territories” there are only disputed ones.

By Michael Curtis

Seventeen nations of the European union did not listen to or remember the remarks of Julie Bishop, foreign minister of Australia, made on January 21, 2014. She asserted that the international community should refrain from calling Israeli settlements illegal under international law while their status is not yet determined.

The EU members neglected this wise advice and impetuously issued a warning that financial transactions, investments, and economic activity with Israeli settlements or benefiting them carry legal and financial risks. In their view, this dire analysis stems from the “fact” that the Israeli settlements, according to international law, are built on occupied land and are not recognized as a legitimate part of Israel’s territory.

The beginning of wisdom is that the territories in question are disputed, in spite of the constant repetition by so many in the international community that they are “occupied territories.” Though Jordan, between 1950 and 1967, claimed to have annexed the area that is now called the West Bank, the international community did not accept this claim as valid. Jordan never had any legal title to the area. Even Jordan later withdrew its claim.

No other political entity has had legal title or sovereignty or statehood over the area since the days of the Ottoman Empire. The legal claim to the area thus remains disputed. There is no sovereign authority to which Israel can return the land without negotiated agreement. After the 1967 Six-Day War, a war fought in Israel’s lawful exercise of the inherent right of self-defense, as Article 51 of the U.N. Charter justifies, Israel established the international law of belligerent occupation to the area it had captured. Control is exercised on the basis of international law, the Hague Regulations of 1907 and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, and Israeli law, with the objective of ensuring public order and civil life. The Israeli High Court has determined that this control must be carried out on the basis of “proportionality.”

What international law declares the settlements illegal? The critics of Israel all rely on an interpretation of one clause in an international document – namely, Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949. Article 49(6) forbids transfers of populations to occupied territories, stating, “The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.” It is concerned with people and with their rights, not with territory or legal questions relating to that territory. But no one is being transferred involuntarily. Israelis are not being deported to the West Bank, nor are Palestinians being deported from the West Bank.

Do the settlements prevent a two-state solution? There were no boundaries between Israel and Palestinians ever drawn up, and therefore the future and extent of the territories is to be decided by negotiations, as called for by U.N. Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. It was the rejection by the Arab League and Palestinians of the U.N. Partition Resolution of November 29, 1947 calling for two states, one Jewish and the other Arab, that prevented the creation of an Arab state. It is noticeable that almost all the continuing construction in the settlements are in those of the units that are suburbs of Jerusalem, areas that Palestinians accept would be part of Israel in any final status agreement. The settlements in no way prejudge the outcome of negotiations. On the contrary, their existence must not be used as an excuse to prevent those negotiations.

Do the settlements prevent a two-state solution? There were no boundaries between Israel and Palestinians ever drawn up, and therefore the future and extent of the territories is to be decided by negotiations, as called for by U.N. Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338. It was the rejection by the Arab League and Palestinians of the U.N. Partition Resolution of November 29, 1947 calling for two states, one Jewish and the other Arab, that prevented the creation of an Arab state. It is noticeable that almost all the continuing construction in the settlements are in those of the units that are suburbs of Jerusalem, areas that Palestinians accept would be part of Israel in any final status agreement. The settlements in no way prejudge the outcome of negotiations. On the contrary, their existence must not be used as an excuse to prevent those negotiations.

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Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick: Hatred of Jews Blocks Middle East Peace

The path to peace is blocked by hatred.

By Bill Hoffman

Peace in the Middle East is impossible as long as the United States and other Western nations continue to recognize and work with countries that hate Jews, says Caroline Glick, senior contributing editor of The Jerusalem Post.

“The hatred of Judaism and Jewish people that is overwhelming in the Arab world and Islamic world — together with the sympathy and support that these views find among Western countries, whether it’s the European Union or U.S. officials — [means] there’s never going to be peace,” Glick told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

She said Wednesday that this week’s rocket attacks by Hamas on key Israeli cites must be met swiftly.

“I think that what the goal has to be is to destroy as much as possible,” said Glick, a former adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“[But] their ability to harm Israel, their aspiration to do so from a tactical and strategic perspective, is going to remain as long as the profound Jew hatred in the region and the sympathy for Jew hatred in the international community in the West remains as it is today.

“Unfortunately, this is the situation, and there are no good options for Israel except to continue pounding them at every opportunity and deny them the ability to conduct the kind of attacks that they have been doing.”

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How Does Israel End up the Bad Guy?

Hamas fires 200 rockets at Israel and President Obama calls on Netanyahu to show restraint?

By Shoshana Bryen

It is a terrible irony that Israel, revolted first by the murder of three of its teenage citizens and then by the revenge attack on a Palestinian teen, is the object of riots, bombs, and demands.

And yet, it is Israel that is under major waves of Hamas rocket fire — 200 rockets of increasing size and precision in the past month, 50 one night this week — and major waves of international disapproval, including from President Obama who demanded that “all sides show restraint” as if Israel hadn’t, and that Israel get on with dispensing justice as if it wouldn’t. It helps little that the State Department finally and grudgingly agreed, “We condemn the firing of missiles at Israel and support Israel’s right to defend itself,” while at the same time, Secretary of State Kerry again asked PM Netanyahu to “act with restraint” in Israel’s response.

By the end of June 12th, Naftali Fraenkel (an American citizen), Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrach, trying to get home from school in time for the Sabbath, were kidnapped and — we now know — killed during the course of the emergency phone call they placed to Israeli authorities. Their murderers sang after the shots were fired (there was a reason the Israeli government didn’t let that tape out right away). The boys’ bodies were not found for almost three weeks.

During those weeks, Hamas began launching rockets at the Israeli town of Sderot to distract the IDF — leaving 15 seconds for the residents to grab their children, or their elderly parents, and hit the safe room. During that time, Palestinians walked near Jews waving three fingers, signifying the three kidnapped students; staged “reenactments” of the kidnapping with the boys portrayed as soldiers; and gave candy to their children to celebrate.

The UN was no help, urging restraint on Israel. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon first said he “had no concrete evidence” that there even had been a kidnapping. He changed his tune, but the UNHCR gave only a tepid hearing to the three Israeli mothers who came to appeal for international help to get their children back.

This was all before the bodies of Gilad, Naftali, and Eyal were found and before the death of Mohammed Abu Khder.

Since them, Abu Mazen has called the death of Abu Khder a deliberate act by the Netanyahu government. Fatah has posted on its Facebook page, “Israel: Prepare all the bags you can for your body parts… We wish for the blood to become rivers.”

Hamas has increased the range of rocket fire to encompass large parts of Israel, and now calls “all of Israel” a target. Israeli Arabs have rampaged outside of Haifa and in the Galilee, and West Bank Palestinians have rioted in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. The new light rail line connecting the Palestinian town of Shuafat to the center of Jerusalem (part of the larger system, giving Palestinians easier access to the city) has been bombed by Palestinians.

Hamas has committed at least two war crimes: firing on Israeli civilians and locating its military infrastructure within its own population, ensuring higher Palestinian casualties that can be blamed on Israel.

There have been suggestions that the Hamas war was deliberately started to draw Israel (and the U.S.) into the broader religious and civil wars of the region. More likely, Hamas saw a target of opportunity. But it should be clear that Israel’s determination to find justice for Gilad, Naftali, Eyal, and Mohammad is the behavior of a country governed by rule of law, which should be supported by the United States as Israel deals with Hamas as required to protect its citizens and its territory.

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Israel’s New Hero: The Father of Iron Dome

Dr. Danny Gold persevered in developing the Iron Dome despite cutbacks and criticism.

By Gil Ronen

Brig. Gen. (res.) Dr. Danny Gold, former head of research and development at the Defense Ministry, is Israel’s current hero and media darling, and the man receiving most of the credit for the development of the Iron Dome anti-missile system.

Also receiving credit is MK Amir Peretz, who selected Iron Dome over other systems as the IDF’s weapon of choice against rockets, when he was defense minister.

Dr. Gold insisted on pushing forward research and development of the system, together with Rafael Systems, despite official decisions to freeze funding for the project, and fierce criticism from competitors who insisted that the system is worthless. His steadfastness in advancing the program proved crucial in making the system ready for use in Israel’s 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense and the current Operation Protective Edge.

The system is thus far proving wildly successful, with over 90% success in shooting down enemy missiles and helping avoid civilian casualties. Also receiving kudos for their role in the relatively low casualty rate in Israel are the Israelis themselves, who have been surprisingly disciplined in following Home Front Command instructions, rushing to sheltered spaces once sirens are sounded.

Iron Dome’s missile batteries have even become internal tourist attractions, with dozens of people flocking to the batteries in order to witness them at work, take pictures of them and handing out food and drink to the soldiers who man them. This unexpected popularity has proven itself to be a hazard, and police cars were dispatched to some of the batteries to keep civilians away from them.

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6 Recaptured Terrorists to be Returned to Prison

Six terrorists released in the Shalit deal, violated the conditions of their release and will be returned to prison.

By Shlomo Pitrikovsky

Israel’s special pardons commission ordered on Tuesday that six terrorists who were freed in the Shalit deal in October of 2011 and were recaptured during Operation Brother’s Keeper be returned to prison and serve their full sentence.

In its decision, the commission accepted the Attorney General’s request to cancel the release of the six, all residents of eastern Jerusalem.

The Commission determined, based on the evidence presented to it, that the six terrorists committed terror-related offenses after their release in the Shalit deal, thus violating the conditions of their release.

The terrorists were returned to prison to serve terms ranging from 11 years to 36 years, each one according to the sentence imposed on him in the first place.

At least 56 of the 1,027 terrorists who were released in exchange for Gilad Shalit were re-arrested in Operation Brother’s Keeper, which the IDF launched following the kidnapping and murder of Eyal Yifrah, Gilad Sha’ar and Naftali Frenkel.

One of the terrorists freed in that deal went on to murder Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi as he was driving with his pregnant wife on the eve of Pesach (Passover).

The group claimed the terrorists were arrested “for no reason” as part of the crackdown on the Hamas terror infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

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Proportional Responses Does NOT Apply to the Israel-Gaza Conflict Today!

The sort of bombing we are doing is entirely legitimate and proportional to our military goals of making it impossible for Hamas to launch rockets at our people.

By: Arlene Kushner

There is a widespread – but very erroneous – impression that if an enemy attacks, a proportional response means a nation can only return what was received and no more. That is, the mistaken impression is that if Hamas shot one rocket, we could only shoot one rocket back.

International law, however, defines proportionality very differently: it is a question of legitimate military goals and intentionality. Put very simply, we would not be restricted to only shooting one rocket back at Hamas, but rather doing what is necessary (within certain defined limits) to ensure that Hamas does not shoot any more rockets. That is a legitimate military goal.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo, who was the Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court in 2003, wrote this about proportionality:

“Under international humanitarian law and the Rome Statute, the death of civilians during an armed conflict, no matter how grave and regrettable, does not in itself constitute a war crime. International humanitarian law and the Rome Statute permit belligerents to carry out proportionate attacks against military objectives, even when it is known that some civilian deaths or injuries will occur. A crime occurs if there is an intentional attack directed against civilians…or an attack is launched on a military objective in the knowledge that the incidental civilian injuries would be clearly excessive in relation to the anticipated military advantage (principle of proportionality).”

Another way of phrasing it: former president of the International Court, Rosalyn Higgins, explained that proportionality “cannot be in relation to any specific prior injury – it has to be in relation to the overall legitimate objective of ending the aggression.”

Were Israel to decide to carpet bomb Gaza to make Hamas stop launching rockets, that would be clearly disproportionate civilian destruction in relation to the goal of stopping Hamas. But that, of course, is something we would never, ever do. We are, in fact, extraordinarily careful to avoid civilian deaths whenever it is possible to do so. We actually place phone calls to homes, warning families to get out, before we bomb the houses.

What is not legitimate according to international law is the sort of deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians that Hamas is doing day in and day out. Here the intentionality is to hit civilians.

And yet, as we see day in and day out, the international community draws an outrageous moral equivalency between Israel’s actions and those of Hamas.

But it’s actually much worse than this, as Israel is – incredibly – turned into the aggressor. As Human Rights Watch reported:

“UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon refuses to name the perpetrators of the attacks ‘from Gaza.’ No mention is made of ‘Hamas.’ And while the rockets should ‘stop,’ what is really bothering the UNSG is alleged Palestinian victims. ‘The Secretary-General is extremely concerned at the dangerous escalation of violence, which has already resulted in multiple Palestinian deaths and injuries as a result of Israeli operations against Gaza.’

”…As for the notoriously anti-Israel UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, she had this to say: ‘From a human rights point of view, I utterly condemn these rocket attacks and more especially I condemn Israel’s excessive acts of retaliation.’” (emphasis added)

I share here a video that effectively (and amusingly!) presents the situation we confront (with thanks to Raima S.)

We see this with Ban Ki-Moon, who said, “the unsustainable situation in Gaza will also need to be addressed in its political, security, humanitarian and development dimensions as part of a comprehensive solution.”
Philip Gordon, a special assistant to US President Barack Obama and the White House coordinator for the Middle East, at a conference sponsored by (surprise!) Haaretz, made it clear that the Obama administration still expects a negotiated settlement between Israel and the PA, based on the ‘67 armistice line. Now he says this? Inconceivable that he ignores the current violence from Hamas, and the fact that it is part of a unity government. But there it is.

“Jerusalem,” he declared, “should not take for granted the opportunity to negotiate” a treaty with Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas, who has proven to be a reliable partner.

So let’s take a look, just for a moment, at Fatah, which is Abbas’s party.

Palestinian Media Watch tells us that Fatah put up on its Facebook page today an announcement that:

“One god, one homeland, one enemy, one goal” unites Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad.

While Khaled abu Toameh writes that:

“At least two Fatah armed groups announced that they had started firing rockets at the ‘settlements’ of Ashkelon and Sderot, cities inside the pre-1967 borders of Israel, with another Fatah group claiming responsibility for firing 35 rockets into Israel since Sunday.”

The use of the word “settlements” is a tip-off to the fact that Fatah considers Jewish presence even within the ‘67 armistice line to be an illegitimate “occupation,” i.e., they want it all.

The Elder of Ziyon put up a posting about “What Reporters Need to Know” during the current Gaza operation. But I think the points are so good that everyone needs to know them.

His major points:

1) It is a mistake to assume that all casualties are the result of Israeli airstrikes.

Traditionally, the number of Gaza rockets that fall short and never reach Israel, or that explode as they are fired is over 35% and sometimes as high as 80%!”

Then there are “work accidents” and civilians killed when guns are shot off during funerals.

2) It is a mistake to assume that casualties and damage are the direct result of Israeli airstrikes.

Many airstrikes hit weapons caches and explosives that cause a larger explosion than the strike itself.

3) It is a mistake to believe that casualties are civilian when they are not.

Terrorists, who are combatants, most frequently wear civilian clothing. And Hamas is eager to inflate the “civilian numbers.”

Do see the entire posting here.

Be aware as well that pictures put up about the war in social media are sometimes deceptive:

The war goes on.

They are still launching rockets at us – including at the center of the country and even farther north. Rockets have landed just south of Haifa, in Hadera, Zikhron Ya’akov (where someone was mildly hurt), Casaerea and Hof Bonim.

But we are hitting hard inside of Gaza, as well.

According to Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon, who spoke today to Army Radio:
”We’ll continue with strikes that will exact a very heavy price from Hamas. We are destroying arms, terror infrastructures, command systems, Hamas institutions, regime buildings, terrorists’ houses, and killing terrorists of various ranks of command.

The IDF spokesman said today that the next stage is being prepared and that this will be a long operation. And then there is this astonishing statement from Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz:

“Despite the fact that it will be hard, complicated and costly, we will have to take over Gaza temporarily, for a few weeks, to cut off the strengthening of this terror army. If you ask my humble opinion, a significant operation like this is approaching.” (Emphasis added)

But there remains unease here in Israel that the operation will be terminated before it should be, that the ground operation will never be actualized, and that talk such as Steinitz’s is simply a form of verbal saber rattling – a threat. After all, this was just his “humble opinion.”

For we have Netanyahu’s words today, after the Security Cabinet met. He is still saying, “the operation will expand and continue until the fire toward our towns stops and quiet returns.” But the idea is that we are supposed to remove their capacity to hit us again! Not just make them stop now.

And there is the fact that, while we announce we have destroyed the homes of key Hamas leaders, we deliver a warning first so that families are not hit, and many of the leaders themselves are still walking this earth.

Apparently Egypt is unlikely to mediate a ceasefire as it has in the past. This situation “comes at a time of mounting tensions between the new government in Cairo and Hamas. [Hamas backed the Muslim Brotherhood in its battle with Egyptian president Sisi.]

And then we have this:

“A senior Hamas official pledged that militants would not ‘surrender’ in the face of the latest air strikes on Wednesday.

This, then, may truly be an operation that is qualitatively different.

“The Israel Air Force has destroyed more terrorist targets in Gaza over the past 36 hours than it did throughout the whole the 2012 clash with Hamas, a senior security said Wednesday.”

How to Age Successfully with Diabetes

The Center for Successful Aging with Diabetes at the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer is a model for how diabetes can be managed in the Western world.

By Karen Kloosterman

By 2050, one quarter of the people in the world will be over 60 years old. Unfortunately, as baby-boomers age they are more susceptible to conditions such as type 2 diabetes, which is on the rise worldwide.

Researchers have noticed a worrying link between type 2 diabetes and dementia. It seems that diabetes causes us to age faster. As a result, quality of life for the elderly is a concern for professionals such as Dr. Tali Cukierman-Yaffe, an endocrinologist and epidemiologist who started a new center in Israel to help people over 60 age better.

Based on referrals or self-referrals, patients get a five-hour physical and cognitive checkup from a team of specialists under one roof. Not only does this spare the patient from running around, but also enables the healthcare professionals to see the bigger picture and give recommendations that treat the whole person.

According to Cukierman-Yaffe, the clinic is the first of its kind in the world to take a holistic look at managing adult-onset diabetes, and subsequent complications like dementia.

“Findings over the last five years suggest that people with diabetes experience an accelerated loss of physical function because they have more muscle loss. People seem to have more functional impairments and more disabilities, so diabetes seems to be a disease of accelerated aging,” she explains.

“People with diabetes suffer from more dementia, more cognitive impairment, more frailty and deteriorated physical function.”

Under her direction, the Israeli team at Sheba looks to figure out which domains of the human experience are affected by diabetes, and what mechanisms create disease and loss of function

“In Israel, one of the good things is there is a lot of experience in cognitive rehab of traumatic brain injury because of the army,” she says.

Given that most of the world’s diabetics do not yet have their own Center for Successful Living with Diabetes, one must ask: If there are three things a person with diabetes can do to keep their mind fit as they age, what would they be?

For Cukierman-Yaffe, the answer is clear: “Exercise, exercise, exercise!”

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The Light Rail Destruction is More than Meets the Eye

The riots in Jerusalem are being orchestrated by the anti-Israel Boycott/divestment/sanctions movement.

By Lee Kaplan

The recent vandalism of the Jerusalem Light Rail reveals that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are working hand in glove with the BDS Movement and its leaders in the United States. At the same time, the U.S. State Department is looking the other way and the ISM and its leadership are only encouraged by Netanyahu’s pusillanimous leadership.

The recent abduction and death of a 16 year-old Arab boy by unknown assailants has drawn attention away from the Israeli boys’ murders and is said to be the catalyst for Arab rioting and calls for “revenge.” The Second Intifada was said to have started because then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount to pray. In fact, the Intifada was planned by Arafat all along as was admitted to by some of his lieutenants in Lebanon shortly after Sharon’s visit.

The same tactical propaganda is being used today and the Israeli government is willing to fall for it. It has been confirmed that Hamas is paying Arab shills up to $1,500 a month to foment riots and indignation among local Arabs at the Temple Mount to lmake them look like a spontaneous grassroots movement against alleged Jewish “abuse” of the Arabs and their holy sites.

Meanwhile, the ISM has been putting out communiques in the United States and EU asking for “volunteers” to go to the ‘West Bank’ and Israel for three weeks in order to intensify the rioting against the IDF and the border police. The ISM organizes and stands behind the BDS Movement against Israel in cooperation with Hamas, and the PFLP. The ISM offers training and guidance in how to riot and interfere with IDF soldiers and will even pay as a last resort for mostly college aged “anarchists” and Vietnam war radical retreads to go to the ‘West Bank’ and help foment riots.

Radical leftist lawyers, sometimes furnished through the National Lawyers Guild then help these subversives to skirt the Israeli legal system, and leftist Israeli judges who never set foot in the area allow them a revolving door to go back and incite and riot with the Arabs over and over again. Some get deported, but the majority are allowed to stay as the legal system gets overloaded.

If Israel collapses from without and within (and if they don’t change course this is going to happen) the Arabs and the ISM will go back and look at the archives they are keeping of how they succeeded in their “revolution”. They literally are keeping numbered archives about their activities against Israel (I’ve seen them) and refer to archives of previously “successful” revolutionary movements in history to hone their tactics and training.

Israel was providing a successful bus service for Arab workers to get from their homes in Judea and Samaria and back from work. The fare was cheaper than these Arabs usually paid private vans or taxis and public buses and these bus routes were very popular. The ISM and BDS movement started a campaign in the US claiming the buses were promoting “apartheid” among the Arabs like in the former South African state. They even ran a campaign where they used the name of Rosa Parks and tried to suggest Israel engaged in segregated bus systems like American blacks endured during the era of Jim Crow in the US south.

All of which brings us to the Jerusalem Light Rail train. The train is very popular among the working Arabs and used by both Arabs and Jews. The train had nothing to do with the Arab boy either. Despite its popularity, the BDS Movement has been trying to get the light rail boycotted, but has been unsuccessful precisely because the majority of working Arabs want it there and it is highly profitable for the international investors.

I have no doubt the BDS leaders in the US cooperated with the Arab Mafia to attack the train and vandalize it. This was done to make the international owners throw up their hands and leave. Wars are traditionally fought by destroying the opposition’s infrastructure such as trains, from the air or with ground troops.

The riots over the 16 year-old Arab boy were coordinated with the BDS Movement in Israel and abroad. Watch the BDS leaders in the US and Israel boast now how they got the light rail system closed down suggesting they persuaded international corporations to quit the Jewish state over phony “human rights violations.”

It was nothing less than a bombing attack with the bombs replaced by the ISM and paid Arab rioters, and Israel still has n’t understood this. The real losers, as with the buses, are the Arabs who can’t get to work and who will be incited by their leaders that it’s the fault of the Jews and that Israel must become Palestine at all costs.

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