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West Encouraging Terror with “Massacre” Claims

The West supports Israel’s right to defend itself, as long as it goes to war with its hands tied.

By Ben-Dror Yemini

It was clear from the beginning that Hamas was waging a double battle – both a military battle and a PR battle. It was clear to Hamas from the beginning that every military failure could turn into a PR achievement, and that every humanitarian crisis is a strategic achievement.

This works. Every word written and said, in the world and in Israel, about a “massacre” and “war crimes” is another word establishing Hamas’ strategy.

It’s a given process. In the first stage, they show understanding towards Israel. In the second stage, media reports emerge about the destruction in Gaza and about the innocent casualties. In the third stage, the politicians change their stance.

France and Britain were in the exact same situation when NATO planes bombed Belgrade and its surroundings. A Hospital, a retirement home and a refugee camp suffered direct hits. On April 15, 1999, British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook reacted to the targeting of innocent people: “How dare they now produce crocodile tears for people killed in the conflict for which they are responsible.”

And it happened when the Taliban took over the Swat District in Pakistan. Once again, the West was there to encourage the army to use a firm hand against the terror cancer.

When Hamas turns the civil population into a human shield, when it builds bunkers and tunnels under apartment buildings, when it stashes rockets under mosques, hospitals and schools, and when its television channel calls, these days too, as it has in recent years, for the annihilation of Jews – then the “massacre” claims are a reward for Hamas.

On the military level, Israel has reached impressive achievements. On the strategic level, the international response rewards the jihad camp with points. That’s what Hamas hoped would happen. That’s exactly what happened.

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In Gaza There is No Such Thing as “Innocent Civilians”

Our generosity to Gaza by supplying them with food and electricity only strengthens the ability of the enemy state to fight us.

By Major-General (res.) Giora Eiland

In this story we are fighting a terror organization, and only a terror organization, while the population the organization is operating from is not the enemy. Moreover, during the fighting we even feel obligated to supply Gaza’s residents with food, fuel and electricity.

Why is that wrong? Because a state cannot defeat an efficient guerilla organization if the following three conditions exist: We and they are on two sides of a border; the organization enjoys the full protection of a state; their state or its citizens are not an accountable side. Whoever fails to understand that is entering a war without an ability to win.

What would have been the right thing to do? We should have declared war against the state of Gaza (rather than against the Hamas organization), and in a war as in a war. The moment it begins, the right thing to do is to shut down the crossings, prevent the entry of any goods, including food, and definitely prevent the supply of gas and electricity.

In a war between states, each side is entitled to use its ability to pressure the other side. The fact that we are fighting with one hand and supplying food and energy to the enemy state with the other hand is absurd. This generosity strengthens and extends the ability of the enemy state of Gaza to fight us.

You probably have two questions now. First, why should Gaza’s residents suffer? Well, they are to blame for this situation just like Germany’s residents were to blame for electing Hitler as their leader and paid a heavy price for that, and rightfully so.

The second question is about the international legitimacy. The answer is simple: Israel was willing and is still willing to reach a real ceasefire at any moment. The Gazans’ suffering is not the result of the Israeli pressure but of their support, through their elected government, for an armed struggle. This suffering could cease instantly if they accept a ceasefire.

Because we want to be compassionate towards those cruel people, we are committing to act cruelly towards the really compassionate people – the residents of the State of Israel.

In order to guarantee our interests versus the other side’s demands, we must avoid the artificial, wrong and dangerous distinction between the Hamas people, who are “the bad guys,” and Gaza’s residents, which are allegedly “the good guys.” We are dealing with an enemy state, not with a terror organization which is seemingly operating from within an innocent civilian population.

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Looking Beyond Operation Protective Edge

Today’s Palestinian Arab terrorist has changed from being a preeminently secular and tactical soldier, to one that is committed to sacred violence.

Prof. Louis Rene Beres

Recently, Mohammed Deif, leader of Hamas’ military wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades, summed up his organization’s underlying objective: “Our soldiers yearn for death, the way the Zionist soldiers yearn for life.” Although this succinct summary was more than a bit misleading – after all, Arab terrorists “yearn for death” only because they associate “martyrdom” with personal immortality – a suffocating ambiance of death is still their preferred geostrategic context. Always, for necrophilous Hamas terrorists, nothing is better than to be surrounded by rotting human corpses.

Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the umbrella terror group was first formed in 1964. Significantly, that was three years prior to the Six Day War, hence, three years before there were any so-called “Israel Occupied Territories.”

What was the PLO seeking to “liberate,” during those three particular years? This is not a difficult question.

The answer was (and remains) all of Israel, all of the micro-state that is still identified on both Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas maps, as “Occupied Palestine.” But, today, despite an enduringly bitter “bipolar” schism between the two principal surviving Palestinian factions, there are compellingly new requirements for permission to join in the holy exterminatory battle against Jewish Israel. More precisely, today, all prospective Arab “liberators” must first accept and meet a qualifying litmus test of Islamic purity.

Now, only Jihadists, only those who are properly in Ribat (religious conflict, fighting for “Islamic land”), are invited to participate in the divinely-mandated “armed struggle.” The overall Arab fight, it follows, has changed from being a preeminently secular and tactical conflict, to one that may wittingly ignore all of the more ordinary and usual strategic imperatives. This all-consuming “struggle,” routinely expressed as terror, is founded upon certain overriding commitments to “sacred violence.” At its heart, it offers a present-day expression of religious sacrifice.

Here, today, in the Arab Middle East, looking beyond Operation Protective Edge, terrorism, as sacrificial practice, becomes a sacred expression of religious obligation. In these largely faith-based cultures, sacrifice derives, in part, from a desperately hoped-for conquest of personal death. Above all, and this key point can’t be stressed too often, by adopting such practice, the Jihadist terrorist expects, often desperately, to overcome his own terrifying mortality.

In Islam, “martyrdom” has always been closely associated with Jihad. Unequivocal and celebratory invocations for such sacrificial killing can be found in the Koran (9:111), and, more explicitly, in the canonical hadith. “Do not consider those who are slain in the cause of Allah as dead,” instructs the Koran, “for they are living by their Lord.”

For the Hamas terrorist, it is by killing Jews, and subsequently being killed by Jews, that a true freedom from death can be earned. Much earlier, Yasser Arafat’s own personally-appointed clergy, preaching on the Temple Mount (August 11, 2000), had reaffirmed a basic religious precept: “Palestinians spearhead Allah’s war against the Jews. The dead shall not rise until the Palestinians shall kill all the Jews….”

“The dead shall not rise until the Palestinians shall kill all the Jews.” Think about this! Can there be any more potent understanding of the “Middle East Peace Process?”

Israel confronts a real and still-expanding mega-threat of unconventional war and unconventional terrorism. Faced with opponents who are not only willing to die, but who might actively and ecstatically seek their own “deaths,” Jerusalem should quickly understand the critical operational limits of ordinary warfare, national homeland defense, and strategic deterrence.

Palestinian terrorism is vastly more dangerous today, than it was during Israel’s early years. Yes, there were Fedayeen (“self-sacrificers”) even then, but their dominant motives were more pointedly nationalistic, and, much less “Islamic.”

For Israel, there is likely little point to deterring would-be Palestinian suicide bombers with systematic threats of lethal reprisal. Instead, to effectively dissuade this sort of suicide-bomber, Israel must somehow learn to confront the prospective murderers with a palpable anticipation of authentic suicide. Here, the Arab terrorist could calculate that his fervently sought-after explosion of Jewish bodies will bring not an ecstatic entry into paradise, but rather an irreversible slide into the eternal darkness, into oblivion, into death.

What is the overall correct strategy for Israel? To begin, Israel’s strategic and intelligence communities will need to identify new and promising ways of deterring non-rational (Jihadist) adversaries. Simultaneously, especially as Palestinian statehood is currently being validated by steadily-calculated increments of recognition in the U.N. General Assembly, these planners will need to avoid the potentially lethal fallacy of accepting a Palestinian state because it has ostensibly agreed to “demilitarization.”

By ignoring core roots of Palestinian terrorism, peace programs will only detour the Jewish State with their contrived “Two-State Solution.” Should Prime Minister Netanyahu yield to assorted pressures, and, following Operation Protective Edge, still agree to follow this determinably fatal cartography, he will have overlooked or at least underestimated the doctrinal origins of Israel’s most recalcitrant enemies. Should he choose, instead, to reject the Road Map’s twisting highways to nowhere, the Prime Minister will then have understood that Israel’s current struggles with Palestinian terrorism are not about land, “settlements,” or “self-determination.”

They are about “God.”

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Three Suspects Arrested in Maale Adumim Stabbing

By Jewish Press News Briefs

Police arrested 3 suspects in Azariyah that may have been involved in the stabbing of the 60 year old Ma’aleh Adumim guard earlier today.

The guard was taken to Hadassah hospital, and following surgery is now listed in moderate to light condition.

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American Aliyah: Joining Judaism and Israel Under Fire

Undeterred by Hamas rocket fire, recently converted Malachi and Tanya Ben-Yehuda immigrate to the south at ‘best time to come.’

By Yoni Kempinski

For Malachi and Tanya Avital Ben-Yehuda of Riverdale, New York, terrorist rockets peppering southern Israel were inconsequential compared to their firm dedication to the Jewish faith and homeland.

The Ben-Yehuda’s, an African-American couple who converted to Judaism four years ago, made aliyah (immigration) to Israel on July 21, even as counter-terror Operation Protective Edge continued and terror rocket attacks raged.

Not only did they immigrate – they arrived at an absorption center in Be’er Sheva in the south where rockets have been falling frequently, and they plan to move to Ashkelon which has been a main target of Hamas. Arutz Sheva joined the couple on their aliyah flight.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva in New York before departing to the Holy Land, Malachi, a 55-year-old former American serviceman, recalled how their rabbi was surprised by their decision, saying “you want to make aliyah? You just converted!”

For Malachi the decision was obvious. “We wouldn’t change it for the world, we wouldn’t go back, even at this time, we want to go forward,” stated the new immigrant.

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Who is Israel’s Most Powerful Enemy? The West

This is what happens in the West when Israel decides that thousands of rockets are enough.

By Giulio Meotti

According to the definition given by a kibbutznik turned billionaire, Israel is “a villa in the jungle”.

Israel is an oasis surrounded by barbarians, beheaders, suicide bombers, mothers happy to send their own children to kill Jews – Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Salafists, Hezbollah, Islamic State, Iranian revolutionary guards… The list of the jihadist scum is long.

But Israel’s most powerful enemy is the West itself.

Israel’s wars to defend itself are always the chance to see an incredible eruption of hatred in the Western democracies and their élite.

Think about what has happened in the last few days.

A London theatre, Trycicle, boycotted the Jewish Festival because the festival got 1,000 pounds from the Israeli embassy.

Spain’s government announced it will impose a weapons’ embargo on Israel.

The self-hating Jew George Soros freed his fund from its Israeli assets.

Most of Hollywood’s stars, with the noble but solitary exception of Jon Voight, tweeted anti-Semitism.

In the UK, commercial chains such as John Lewis and Tesco, boycotted Israeli goods.

The Nobel Prize-winning Amnesty International, which once bravely fought for Andrei Sakharov, Boris Pasternak’s wife and Natan Sharansky, asked the US to stop sending fuel for Israeli tanks.

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Prof Suggests Automatic Counter-Missile for Every Hamas Rocket

Does Nobel laureate Aumann have answer to Hamas rockets? Automated system would make clear Hamas is to blame.

By Gil Ronen

Nobel laureate Professor Yisrael (Robert) Aumann has an idea that could turn the tables on Hamas’s rocket terror against Israel.

In a recent lecture, he described his vision for a fully automatic system that would fire a rocket back at Gaza immediately, whenever Gaza terrorists fired a missile at Israel. Presumably, these missiles would be randomly or automatically aimed in a way that would inflict civilian casualties on the Arab side, just as Hamas seeks to cause civilian casualties on the Israeli side.

Asked about the idea in an interview by NRG, Aumann said: “I’m working on it. The goal is truly that the system will be without any human involvement, no human control. This is very important, because if there is control, they will tell us that we are criminals and murderers and cruel.”

However, he explained, if there is no control of the system on the Israeli side, the responsibility for civilian deaths caused on the Arab side falls on the people who fired the missiles that set off the Israeli system. Prof. Aumann compared this to a situation in which the Arabs “take their women and children and force them to walk through a dangerous minefield.”

Would the system keep the world from blaming Israel? Prof. Aumann says that there will probably be criticism in any case, “but at least then we will feel more at ease with ourselves. If the response fire is automatic, the [Israeli] threat is convincing: when Hamas fires a rocket at Israel, it also fires a missile at Gaza.”

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Hamas had the final word in Gaza op

Analysis: Forget about demilitarizing Gaza and disarming Hamas. Things will remain unchanged – until the next round.


When politicians don’t know how to summarize an incident with results that are not unequivocal, they usually say that “the final word has yet to be said.” But in the case of Operation Protective Edge, one can definitely say that Hamas had the final word.

The rocket barrages launched by Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, a moment before the seventh ceasefire took effect were their “last word.”

Hamas determined the height of the flames throughout the entire operation, made an entire country lie down on the sides of roads, and mainly forced the Israeli government’s representatives to travel to Cairo to negotiate with terror organizations, as equals, over an arrangement which will guarantee a ceasefire, nothing more, for an unknown period of time.

In Cairo, the parties will likely reach an agreement to continue the ceasefire, but forget about all the talks about demilitarizing the Strip and disarming Hamas. Things will remain unchanged – until the next round.

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Suicide Bombers Being Trained to ‘Dress Like Jews’

Palestinian Arabs are still being fed a steady diet of hate and now they’re again being taught how to kill Jews in Israel.

By Rachel Levy

Suicide bombers are once again being trained to dress like Orthodox Jews in preparation for carrying out mass casualty attacks in Israel, while Palestinian Arab factions are sitting in Cairo talking with Israeli representatives about a proposal to stop the war in Gaza.

Last month both Hamas and Fatah — the two main partners in the Palestinian Authority unity government — urged Arabs to carry out suicide bombings against Israel.

Although one faction is based in Gaza and the other in Ramallah, both have military terror divisions that carry out attacks against Israel. Only Hamas is recognized by the United States as an official terrorist organization, however.

According to a clip translated by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) organization, PA TV viewers were treated to a poem written by Palestinian ‘national poet’ Mahmoud Darwish, which was used as part of a program to demonize Israel as an enemy targeting women and children.

The phrasing could be interpreted as encouraging suicide bombing, but some literature analysts say the deeper meaning of the poem is actually a critique on suicide bombings.

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West encouraging terror with ‘massacre’ claims

Western states support Israel’s right to defend itself, as long as it goes to war with its hands tied behind her back :(


It was clear from the beginning that Hamas was waging a double battle – both a military battle and a PR battle. It was clear to Hamas from the beginning that every military failure could turn into a PR achievement, and that every humanitarian crisis is a strategic achievement.

This works. Every word written and said, in the world and in Israel, about a “massacre” and “war crimes” is another word establishing Hamas’ strategy.

So we can tell ourselves, repeatedly, that we are winning. Militarily, it’s true. Strategically, it’s much less true. The first and expected international sign came from the UN Human Rights Council, whose decision to launch a commission of inquiry is more serious than the decision made by that same council in regards to Operation Cast Lead.

Now it’s also leaders and friends from the Western states. In France, it’s the president and foreign minister who are using the word “massacre,” thereby not only helping Hamas score points but also encouraging the jihadists on Paris’ streets. If this is what Laurent Fabius and Francois Hollande are saying, how can we complain about the protestors?

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