One State Israel

Naftali Bennett: The Israeli Stability Initiative

Naftali Bennett was the former Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  He is an also a successful businessman and director MyIsrael. Most recently he served as the Director General of the Yesha Council.

Naftali Bennett



  1. Dear Mr. Naftali Bennett,

    my name is Lokshin Vladimir, I live in Germany. I’ve developed a political programme, which ideas and political technologies give possibility to rescue Israel. I want to affirm to rescue Israel without my ideas-impossible.
    I’ve appealed to Mr. B. Netanyahu relatively the programme, but a answer was:
    thank you, but a time to rescue Israel yet don’t come ?!
    Unfortunately, many Israeli politicians like the compensations more than the Jewish

    Dear Mr. Naftali Bennett,

    I like You because You strive for Israeli security. That is why I want with You to collaborate.

    Thank You for Your attention.

    Sincerely Yours
    My tel.:+49-(0)89-89623484

  2. This is the best plan going as the TWO STATE SOLUTION IS DEAD! Annex Area C and try and come with the best possible autonomy for the Palestinians in Area A/B as long security needs are met.

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